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BC is the best place in the world – tolerant, diverse, welcoming, entrepreneurial. BC is where rural and urban meet – we’re abundant in natural resources, rich in talent.

We have to be forward-looking.

Ellis Ross knows we need more voices at the table – not BC Liberal Party insiders, but more everyday members who know their communities. As BC Liberal leader, he will renew our party by listening to grassroots members, not the same old group of party elites.

Ellis is ready to engage every party member who wants to have their say. He will open the doors to grassroots members, so they have a true voice in policy, campaign readiness, and party operations. He wants all party members to be on the ground floor of something big, something new.

"Resource development isn’t only a way to provide jobs or employment as a way out of poverty, but also how BC can continue to breathe life into the word reconciliation.”

Ellis Ross has spent his life fighting for opportunities for hardworking British Columbians. He knows first-hand how good jobs transform communities. That’s why Ellis has always fought for jobs and economic development. His hard work was crucial to bringing the 40-billion-dollar LNG Canada mega-project home to British Columbia.

"For far too long British Columbia has not lived up to its full potential. The future of BC and the people who live here depends on it. The time to act … together … is now!"

The only missing ingredient in British Columbia, according to Ellis Ross, is a new style of leadership that can bring British Columbians together to unlock our province’s potential – a true change agent for BC. Ellis knows only the BC Liberal Party can achieve this. He knows it will take real consultation and real collaboration – not more of the same insider backroom, executive boardroom approach to politics.

Ellis’ compassion comes from decades of lived experience. He’s seen the impact of addiction, crime, homelessness, and broken communities up close and in person. He knows more government and more insiders aren’t the solution to our political, social, and economic challenges. We can trust him to build new relationships with British Columbians and broaden the BC Liberal Party into a winning coalition.

Ellis Ross believes in people, not programs – he believes in British Columbia and her people. Ellis opposes divisive cancel culture, because he knows leadership is about bringing British Columbians together, not driving them further apart.

There are so many ways you can help Ellis Ross be the next leader of the BC Liberals. Ultimately he needs your vote and you need to be a BC Liberal to vote for him. First, Ellis would love it if you could click the first button below to join the BC Liberals if you are not already. Once you are a member, Ellis would really appreciate it if you could donate to his campaign. Ellis' campaign will be the most grassroots of all the candidates so every dollar counts. And finally, Ellis knows that volunteers will be the lifeblood of his campaign. So if you have time and energy, click the third button below to volunteer.
Thanks so much