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"My foundation is to build something for today and to build something for tomorrow."

Ellis Ross has spent his entire life creating opportunities to lift other people up. He's a practical man who believes in doing what's good for the people of BC. With an eye on the future, Ellis promotes economic development and job creation, saying, "My foundation is to build something for today and to build something for tomorrow."

It's not surprising that key members of the BC Liberal Party encouraged Ellis Ross to run for the Legislative Assembly back in 2017. They saw what everyone is coming to realize: Here was a true leader with a history of putting people first, without being beholden to politics.

Supported LNG in Kitimat, supported prosperity in the North.

Ellis worked with his council and industry proponents to ensure the success of the $40 billion LNG project in Kitimat, benefitting his community, region, and province.

"For far too long British Columbia has not lived up to its full potential. The future of BC and the people who live here depends on it. The time to act … together … is now!"

Ellis Ross's election as Chief Councillor of the Haisla Nation in 2011 (and his re-election in 2013) was a clear choice. He became the first chair of the Aboriginal Business and Investment Council, and the only First Nations leader among 25 Canadians invited by then Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to a budget and public policy retreat.

Ellis came from a community that wanted to address poverty and unemployment. Under his leadership, his community prospered.

That's what he's done as MLA for BC as well — open the doors to others' success and prosperity. No wonder he has already been garnering enthusiastic support, including from MLA John Rustad, who represents the Nechako Lakes riding.

There are so many ways you can help Ellis Ross be the next leader of the BC Liberals. Ultimately he needs your vote and you need to be a BC Liberal to vote for him. First, Ellis would love it if you could click the first button below to join the BC Liberals if you are not already. Once you are a member, Ellis would really appreciate it if you could donate to his campaign. Ellis' campaign will be the most grassroots of all the candidates so every dollar counts. And finally, Ellis knows that volunteers will be the lifeblood of his campaign. So if you have time and energy, click the third button below to volunteer.
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